Haast River

Haast River


Title: #206 Haast River
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 33×23″

The Haast River drains the western watershed of the Haast Pass. It is 100 kilometres in length, and enters the Tasman Sea near Haast township. The river’s main tributary is the Landsborough River.

The grassy flats on the lower reaches are grazed by cattle by the local farmers. Tourism operators offer jetboat tours on the river.

The Haast area is famous for its dramatic coastline – the sweeping curves of beaches, the rugged cliff tops, and the striking rock formations at Knights Point south of Lake Moeraki.

Here the visitor can travel through a series of unspoiled natural environments, often in a continuous sequence, from the sea through ancient sand dunes, lakes and forests of different types, to the backdrop of the Southern Alps, a mountain chain dividing east from west. This landscape,so wild and remote, lay relatively undisturbed until 1965 when Haast was finally linked by road to the rest of the West Coast.

This painting is available at Central Art Gallery, Beach Street, Queenstown


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