Rangitoto Island and ferns

Rangitoto Island with ferns and pohutukawa


Title: Rangitoto Island with ferns and pohutukawa
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 24×36″

Rangitoto Island with ferns and pohutukawa was painted one beautiful Sunny day to depict a typical sunny Auckland day in oil painting.

Rangitoto Island is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand. The 5.5 km wide island is an iconic and widely visible landmark of Auckland with its distinctive symmetrical shield volcano cone rising 260 metres (850 ft) high over the Hauraki Gulf. Rangitoto is the most recent and the largest (2311 hectares of the approximately 50 volcanoes of the Auckland volcanic field. It is separated from the mainland of Auckland’s North Shore by the Rangitoto Channel.

Rangitoto is Māori for ‘Bloody Sky’.

The Pōhutukawa is one of twelve Metrosideros species endemic to New Zealand. Renowned for its vibrant colour and its ability to survive even perched on rocky, precarious cliffs, it has found an important place in New Zealand culture for its strength and beauty and is regarded as a chiefly tree (rākau rangatira) by Māori.[

The pohutukawa tree with its crimson flower has become the iconic Kiwi Christmas tree which forms an established part of the New Zealand Christmas tradition.

Ferns and Pohutukawa trees are common vegetation that found along the coast line.



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